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Tsunami Energy

I had to share this graphic from the Center for Tsunami Research at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Lab, showing the modeled propagation of the tsunami triggered by yesterday’s earthquake in Chile. The color scale indicates height of the tsunami in … Continue reading

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Two Views of the Ocean

A significant part of my thesis research deals with scale. “Scale” is a very vague word, but in ecology, it connotes some very profound truths and problems about the natural world and our understanding of it. I hope to write … Continue reading

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For those who missed it, didn’t know about it, or just want to relive the glory, I have summarized my live tweets from Day of the Dolphin the other night. I can recommend this film to anyone with a love/hatred … Continue reading

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Sustainabewildering Seafood

I just finished reading a new paper from Jennifer Jaquet et al., mostly from Daniel Pauly’s group at UBC. The paper is titled “Conserving wild fish in a sea of market-based efforts,” and it appears in the current issue of … Continue reading

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New Ocean Blog…

Full disclosure: my mother edits Julia Whitty’s books. But damn, is she a good writer: about diving, the oceans, reefs, and our place on a mostly-watery world. She has a brand-new blog which shares the name of her upcoming book, … Continue reading

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Plot Keywords: Dolphin, Assassination, Exploding Boat, Scientist, Talking Animal

Oh man, add this one to the list of movies I need to see. Dr Jake Terrell, who has been training a pair of dolphins for many years, has had a breakthrough. He has taught his dolphins to speak and … Continue reading

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