Plot Keywords: Dolphin, Assassination, Exploding Boat, Scientist, Talking Animal

Oh man, add this one to the list of movies I need to see.

Dr Jake Terrell, who has been training a pair of dolphins for many years, has had a breakthrough. He has taught his dolphins to speak and understand English, although they do have a limited vocabulary. When the dolphins are stolen, he discovers they’re to be used in an assassination attempt. Now he is in a race to discover who is the target, and where the dolphins are, before the attempt is carried out [via IMDB]

Starring General Jack D. Ripper as the scientist who taught the dolphin too much. According to IMDB, it came out in 1973, two years before Jaws. For some reason, people continue to be more scared of sharks than the impending dolphin-terror threat.

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2 Responses to Plot Keywords: Dolphin, Assassination, Exploding Boat, Scientist, Talking Animal

  1. gabe says:

    Man, why did they not make Walk the Line while George C. Scott was still alive? Look at that face.

  2. toms shoes says:

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