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Krill v. Salps in the Southern Ocean

Last week, writing about copepods, I mentioned that they make up what is probably the most massive group of animals on earth. I also mentioned the likely runner up: krill. In particular, the Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba. Photo by Uwe … Continue reading

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Krill Eye for the Primate Guy

The copepod picture in the last post was from the Wikimedia commons, taken by a German biologist and Wikipedia powerhouse named Uwe Kils. Looking through his user page, I was amazed by some of the photos. This one, of the … Continue reading

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Self-Evident Victor of the Invert War

Invert war has been declared. Personally, I consider myself a lover, not a fighter. And all the inverts are worthy of love in my book. But, knowing that tempers may flare as biologists across the blogosphere come to the defense … Continue reading

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