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A Moment of Levity

Sometime early tomorrow, BP will try to stop their month-old geyser of red, sludgy death in the Gulf of Mexico with a “top kill,” injecting a mixture of concrete and mud into the well from the surface. If it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Powers of Ten

More scale candy: an awesome video, made by the designers Ray and Charles Eames in 1968. Starting at our familiar human scale, it zooms way out and then way in, crossing 40 orders of magnitude: It’s amazing how the patterns … Continue reading

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Varieties of Oceanographic Experience

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about issues of scale in ecology, both because I’m taking a fascinating seminar on the topic this quarter, and because my particular research is conducive to thinking about them. “Scale” came to the fore … Continue reading

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Uncertainty, Science, and the Edge of the Knife

This is a post that’s been kicking around in my head for a while. As those close to me know, I am prone to thinking in analogies—often of the overextended kind. But I think this one is pretty apt. So … Continue reading

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