I’ve Been Tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Chuck, of Ya Like Dogs, to participate in a science-blog chain letter of sorts. Upon being tagged, the tagee is obliged to summarize their blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience in only ten words, and then pay it forward to ten more. Ahem.

Oceanic space is profoundly fascinating; informal writing demands scientific integrity.

If everyone continues tagging ten bloggers, we’ll run up hard against the ocean blogosphere’s carrying capacity PDQ. So I’ll try to ease our transition from an R- to K-type life history strategy—from a salp chain in heat to a motherly dogfish, if you will—by tagging fewer than ten. A smaller number of offspring, but hopefully of high quality and fit to survive. So here they are, along with the Blogger’s Prayer…May the cool people read this, Lord, and save us all from the trolls. Amen.

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2 Responses to I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. Selena says:

    I whisper it every night before I sleep…

  2. Kylie Fox says:

    Good afternoon!

    My name is Kylie Fox and I am doing visual research for a forthcoming children’s educational TV show called “The Prime Radicals”. The series, which is being produced for TVO, SCN, Knowledge Network and Access Alberta (all educational provincial networks) is aimed at 6-7 year old children. The theme of the program is to show kids how math is a part of our everyday lives, it’s all around us, and we use it everyday. The show is being produced by our company, GAPC Entertainment Inc, in Ottawa, Canada.

    We came across a photo on your blog of krill, that we think would work great for a show we are doing about quantities – we want to show how much krill a Blue Whale eats. Could you contact me at my e-mail address to discuss the possibilities of using your photo on our show?


    Kylie Fox
    GAPC Entertainment

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