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The thought of leading a research cruise as a second-year grad student is somewhat mind-boggling to me, but that’s exactly what my friend and former shipmate Mindi is doing right now out of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She sends the following blurb about the cruise:

Cal-Echoes is a nine-day graduate student led cruise where we’ll be
investigating sediments, microbes, zooplankton, benthic invertebrates,
mid-water fish, and squid to better understand the biology and
chemistry of the California Coast today as well as in the past. We’ll
be using a wide variety of the oceanographic equipment, including
techniques and tools designed especially for this cruise.

As part of the expedition, we’re hoping to be able to share the
process of science and how much fun it is with teachers and
classrooms. We are bringing 7 educations with us to develop daily
themes with short videos, lesson plans, and photographic collections
of all the samples we collect. All of our work is being hosted by the
National Marine Educators Association, Deep Sea Academy, and UCSD
Science Bridge.

You can read all about the cruise on their website, and you can read updates on their blog and twitter feed. They have some very cool historical and paleo-oceanographic objectives in addition to the usual present-day ones. Go check them out!

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