Ocean Bloggers United for Education

Starting today, the ocean blogosphere is launching a funding drive for ocean science projects on DonorsChoose.org. For those not familiar with this organization, it takes requests from public school teachers around the country for books, materials, and teaching supplies, and then lets individual donors browse and choose which projects to fund. They’re a well-established 501(c) nonprofit, approved by such illustrious entities as the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator, and Stephen Colbert. All donations are tax-deductible.

We are taking on all comers, but especially the geology bloggers, in an all-out givathon lasting until November 9th. Please go check out the projects selected by Dr. M. of Deep Sea News, and consider giving to one or more of them. Additional requests from teachers will be added as the month goes on and these projects are funded.

But wait, there’s more! During this challenge, HP has agreed to double (yes, double!) all donations up to $50,000. So if you needed one more reason to give…

I feel as though I should end this post with a promise of free tote bags or boxed sets of Charlie Rose videos or something. Unfortunately, I do not have these things to give away, but do not be surprised if I start offering some other kind of schwag. Check back here frequently…

Click here to give:

Ocean Bloggers United for Education on DonorsChoose.org

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