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Must Be That Time Of The Season

After four or five months of Seattle winter, you kind of loose track of where you are. Add on a touch of end-of-quarter madness, and you can really start to lose it. I actually had a moment yesterday when, for … Continue reading

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Reef Noise As Guide for Floating Crustaceans

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a small planktonic crustacean floating in the tropical ocean. Your world is vast, but its physical geography at your scale is relatively simple. Light and warmth are above, dark and cold are down. … Continue reading

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More Weird Animal Sex From Isabella Rossellini

Oh Hell Yes. Isabella Rosselini is back with more of her supremely weird construction paper animal sex films. The new show, “Seduce Me,” is the continuation of her “Green Porno” project, and is available for free on the Sundance Channel’s … Continue reading

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Winter Storm From Space

The weather the past two days in Seattle has been blissfully clear blue and sunny, thanks to a ridge of high pressure stretching over the entire West Coast. Clear enough for me to see Mt. Rainier on my walk home … Continue reading

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