Shades of Grey

I’m halfway through my second winter here in the Pacific Northwest, and, strange as it sounds, I’m starting to love the weather. It’s true that it’s all grey and damp. But there are so many different shades and textures of grey in the sky and water, and some of them are truly beautiful. I was trying to explain this to my cousin Allie, who was visiting last weekend from Boston. I’m not sure she bought it.

On Friday, after sandwiches at Paseo in Ballard, we went to Discovery Park, overlooking Puget Sound at the west end of the city. The day was shifting from clouds to rain, and in the two hours we spent there, the sky went through several transformations that seemed subtle only if you weren’t paying attention to them.

We beat those dark grey nimbostratus crawling over the Olympics home, and made soup while the rain started to fall.

[You can see all the photos I took here.]

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