Anna Coogan Sings the Blues

For those of you out there with the Sunday blues. Anna Coogan is a friend and fellow fish biologist at the UW, and she has a talent for writing some of those songs that can just wreck you.

Anna is moving soon from Seattle to Ithaca, New York. Google Analytics tells me I have at least a few loyal readers upstate. So let me make a recommendation to you folks—keep your eyes peeled for upcoming performances, and when you see them, run, don’t walk, to the door. For those in Seattle, she’ll be at the Northwest Folklife Festival May 28.

I’ll be traveling the next couple of weeks, first to Iceland (!) for a meeting of the ICES fisheries acoustics working group, and then home to the East Coast for my little bro’s college graduation, so posting may be sparse. I’ll sign off with a question: if I’m offered hákarl in Iceland…do I eat it?

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