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Oppie, In His Own Words

In the time since the last post I wrote about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Bomb, I’ve finished “American Prometheus.” Highly, highly recommended. I also came across a video (from 1965) of Oppie repeating the famous quote I used for … Continue reading

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Are Grouper Eating Invasive Lionfish?

A short but provocative study just came out in the open-access journal PLoS ONE. As readers may or may not be aware, the Caribbean Sea has seen an invasion of lionfish over the past five to ten years. No one … Continue reading

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Rossby Waves

I was reading a paper recently that mentioned Rossby waves. I had vague memories of learning about these things when I took Physical Oceanography as an undergrad, but that was a was five years ago, and I didn’t really understand … Continue reading

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I’m back from the land of the ice and snow…

…of the midnight sun where the hot springs blow… Okay, so I haven’t actually been in Iceland for the past seven weeks, and it wasn’t actually that icy or snowy. I spent a week and a half there, attending the … Continue reading

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