I’m back from the land of the ice and snow…

…of the midnight sun where the hot springs blow…

Near Buðir, Snæfellsness, Iceland

Okay, so I haven’t actually been in Iceland for the past seven weeks, and it wasn’t actually that icy or snowy. I spent a week and a half there, attending the annual meeting of the ICES Fisheries Acoustics Working Group, and then doing some sightseeing. Followed by a few days at home for my little bro’s college graduation, followed by the Acoustical Society of America’s conference here in Seattle, followed by a week of frantic revisions to a paper I’m trying to wrap up, followed by a brief trip into the field on Puget Sound…

Anyway, I’m back, life has more or less stabilized for now, and I’ve got a couple of posts in the works. I’m looking at the beginnings of summer in Seattle, spent working on my thesis, and, keneh horeh, spending some time in the sun. The weather is starting to get legitimately summery, and people here are a little giddy. For now, here’s an ode to the sun gods from Cinémetropolis, the new album by local hip-hop wizards Blue Scholars.

Like I said, a little giddy.

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