Ice and Fire

This video is pretty unreal.

Winter in Hell from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

Shot by Enrique Pacheco, and brought to my attention by Julia Whitty. Iceland is one of the strangest and most awesome places I’ve been, and getting to travel there this spring for a conference was an amazing privilege. This video almost makes me wish I had been there during the Eyafjallajökull eruption last year. From the photographer’s description on Vimeo:

This is a 8 minutes short film, not a quick youtube video, please be patient or watch it later.

I shot this film over the course of a year. It then took me few months to edit and color grade it.

Winter 2010, the stunning landscape of Iceland succumbs to the Arctic cold. Beaches and lakes get frozen, but something unexpected is going to happen… the earth shakes, warms up, and suddenly a big crack opens up at the top of the glacier Eyjafjallajokull. Lava, smoke, ash and fire come up from the depth of the earth, melting everything in its path.

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