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Seasteading conference in San Francisco

So, this is happening. Seasteading—the movement to build floating libertarian cities in international waters to escape the oppressive hand of land-based governance—is holding a conference this weekend at the Le Meridien Hotel in downtown San Francisco. I’m not about to … Continue reading

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Eastward Bound

As readers may remember from a few months back, I defended (successfully!) my master’s thesis at the University of Washington. More or less since then, I have been living down the coast in San Francisco, working remotely as an analyst … Continue reading

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Throw the little ones back?

If you’ve ever had to throw a fish back because it was below the legal size, you are familiar with a principle that guides many recreational, and commercial, fisheries. “Keepers” are defined as fish above a certain length, and the … Continue reading

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Octopi May Day

From everyone’s favorite fin artist Ray Troll: this isn’t the first picture of “Octopi Wall Street” I’ve seen, but so far it’s my favorite. This design is available on a t-shirt at Troll’s web store. Happy May Day…

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