Eastward Bound

As readers may remember from a few months back, I defended (successfully!) my master’s thesis at the University of Washington. More or less since then, I have been living down the coast in San Francisco, working remotely as an analyst for my old advisor. But there’s even bigger news, which I have been forgetting to reveal to the blogosphere for a while now: Last month, I accepted an offer of admission to pursue a PhD at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences of Stony Brook University, on beautiful Long Island, New York, USA.

I will be working in the lab of Dr. Joe Warren. While the details of my dissertation project remain TBD, I will be continuing in the same vein as my UW thesis—that is, using sonar to map and study zooplankton and fish, otherwise invisible underwater. There are some very cool projects “in the aether,” which I hope to write more about down the line.

In the meantime, though, I’ll be saying my tearful/joyful goodbyes to the Best Coast, including one more trip to the PNW in June, before driving back east in July. Let me know if you’ve got restaurant recommendations along I-80 or I-90. I’ve already been to that Flying J with the Denny’s in North Platte.

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