“Oceans #1,” say Mountain Goats

As readers of my About page will know, this blog takes it’s name from a song by The Mountain Goats on their “Tallahasse” album. Well, yesterday evening I went to see John Darnielle do a solo set at the Columbia City Theater, as part of my current trip back to Seattle. It was a great show. I’ll let this pic from afterwards speak for itself:

From Left to lower right: yours truly, John Darnielle

But even better was JD’s inscription on the copy of “Tallahassee” I hastily purchased:

Oceans #1.

“John Darnielle. Oceans #1.”

The man knows what’s up.

Perhaps even more awesome, though (and you know that’s saying a lot), was the opening set by Dustin Wong. I hadn’t heard of him before, but holy shite. He is a one-man guitar army. It’s not often that a musical act leaves me literally open-mouthed. Check him out.

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