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What Does A Migration Look Like?

Every afternoon at about three, my officemate puts on her coat, picks up her binoculars, and walks down to Sakuma Viewpoint, a little patch of park across the street from our building on Portage Bay, to do a five-minute survey … Continue reading

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DIY Scale Dependence

What’s the big deal about “scale?” It’s a word that I’ve written about before here, and one that certain types of ecologists can’t seem to stop talking about. But it can be an infuratingly vague word to pin down, given … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Blue XLVI

Welcome to the 45th Carnival of the Blue! In the nick of time, the submissions arrived, and I didn’t have to follow through on my threat to replace this month’s Carnival of the Blue with Carnival of the Bieber. ┬áSo … Continue reading

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