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The Most Repulsive Barnacle in the World

There is some truly nasty stuff out there in the ocean. All kinds of parasites. Male anglerfish. Penis fencing and traumatic insemination. Lampreys. Even those studying the “cute” marine mammals aren’t safe. Ever hear of blowhole sex? How about murderous, … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Blue XLVI

Welcome to the 45th Carnival of the Blue! In the nick of time, the submissions arrived, and I didn’t have to follow through on my threat to replace this month’s Carnival of the Blue with Carnival of the Bieber. ┬áSo … Continue reading

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Reef Noise As Guide for Floating Crustaceans

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a small planktonic crustacean floating in the tropical ocean. Your world is vast, but its physical geography at your scale is relatively simple. Light and warmth are above, dark and cold are down. … Continue reading

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