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“Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds.”

Yesterday, The Atlantic ran a series of photos of atmospheric nuclear tests, including one taken 25 milliseconds after the detonation of the first atomic bomb on the morning of July 16, 1945 near Alamogordo, New Mexico. J. Robert Oppenheimer, the … Continue reading

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Shades of Grey

I’m halfway through my second winter here in the Pacific Northwest, and, strange as it sounds, I’m starting to love the weather. It’s true that it’s all grey and damp. But there are so many different shades and textures of … Continue reading

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The Wreck of the Peter Iredale

This Saturday, I took a short road trip to Warrenton, OR, a small town on the coast immediately west of Astoria. Warrenton is situated on southern spit of the Columbia Bar, a set of sandy shoals at the often violent … Continue reading

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