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Standing on Shoulders You Didn’t Know Were There

If you’re a scientist, almost all of your professional reading comes in the form of scientific papers. These days, that usually usually means between 10 and 20 pages of fairly dense information packed into a PDF. This format is great … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Blue XLVI

Welcome to the 45th Carnival of the Blue! In the nick of time, the submissions arrived, and I didn’t have to follow through on my threat to replace this month’s Carnival of the Blue with Carnival of the Bieber. ┬áSo … Continue reading

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Check out Cal-ECHOES

The thought of leading a research cruise as a second-year grad student is somewhat mind-boggling to me, but that’s exactly what my friend and former shipmate Mindi is doing right now out of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She sends … Continue reading

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