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Adventure Time on Great Gull Island

Particularly diligent readers of this blog may have noticed a couple of changes last week to its About and Research pages, for the first time since I finished my master’s in Seattle and moved to Long Island. In that time, … Continue reading

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Beaked Whales and Naval Sonar: What’s Going On?

There have been huge fights in the past decade over Naval sub-hunting sonar and its effects on certain species of whales. In several cases, mass strandings of marine mammals have occurred shortly after naval exercises where mid-frequency active (MFA) sonar … Continue reading

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Sonic war between bats and moths

Not oceanic, but very cool acoustics-related story nonetheless: Researchers at Wake Forest University have determined that tiger moths actively jam bat sonar to avoid being eaten. Bats, famously, use ultrasonic pulses to hunt insects using echolocation. Moths, also, have been … Continue reading

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