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Sustainabewildering Seafood

I just finished reading a new paper from Jennifer Jaquet et al., mostly from Daniel Pauly’s group at UBC. The paper is titled “Conserving wild fish in a sea of market-based efforts,” and it appears in the current issue of … Continue reading

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So You’ve Got A Seafood Question….

There are two questions I get asked when introducing myself as a marine biologist at parties: the one about whether I get to play with dolphins, and the one about what kinds of seafood it is alright to eat. Well, … Continue reading

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NY Times on Seafood Ethics

The New York Times the other day published two pieces, one in print and one online, about the practical and ethical questions facing seafood eaters in the present day and age (thanks, Alyssa!). The first, by the great Mark Bittman, … Continue reading

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