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No, New York, the forecast didn’t fail

Cliff Mass of the University of Washington has a good breakdown of the “failure” of meteorologists to correctly predict snowfall during this week’s storm. “Failure” gets the scare-quote treatment because the forecast wasn’t actually far off: models showed most of … Continue reading

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Thank You, Stephen Schneider

Sad news yesterday. Stephen Schneider, a leading climatologist from Stanford University, passed away at age 65, apparently of a heart attack. He was on an airplane, flying from Sweden to London on his way back from a scientific meeting. I … Continue reading

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Uncertainty, Science, and the Edge of the Knife

This is a post that’s been kicking around in my head for a while. As those close to me know, I am prone to thinking in analogies—often of the overextended kind. But I think this one is pretty apt. So … Continue reading

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